​​We would like to thank the following sponsors:

  • Launstein Wood Floors, www.launstein.com
  • Ecofoil, www.ecofoil.com
  • Patriot Timber for our interior walls made from IronPly, www.patriottimber.com
  • Window World of NW North Carolina for our round window www.windowworldfoothills.com
  • Ngoc Doan Electric for electrical system help and advice
  • ​Lowes Hardware, www.lowes.com
  • Kraus Faucets, www.kraususa.com
  • ​Stock Building Supplies, www.stocksupply.com
  • ​Pella Windows, www.pella.com
  • ​Screw Solutions, www.screwsolutions.com
  • Innovate Building Solutions, www.InnovateBuildingSolutions.com
  • Gianigranite.com for our beautiful countertops
  • Zottosleep.com for our wonderful Queen size mattress ZZzzz
  • Alexandra Wolf of The Black Duckie shop on Etsy for our customized one-of-a-kind pillows and shower curtain
  • Olympic Stain
  • Jamie Lawson, Interior Designer for her tireless help and advice!
  • PK Smith, Photographer
  • Lara Bruce, Photographer

People always question the meaning of life or why does happiness elude some of us.  The answer is simple-Life is what you decide you want it to be. For some of us it means simplifying, recognizing things don't make us happy but people, experiences and freedom to take the time to slow down, look around and enjoy each moment as it comes, provides the means to true happiness. Living in a Tiny house can accomplish each of these goals and more. 

​​Tiny House Escapade

Tiny House Escapade is a dream we have had for some time. It's so much more than a house-it's our working together to make something so much larger than ourselves. It is inviting family and friends along for the journey-not quite sure how each and every step works but trusting that together we can make the various parts work and become the home we dreamed of. Won't you join us for this adventure? 

- Wisdom of Confucius

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated."